Design Services

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Hydrastar specialises in the design and installation of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. We have a fully trained technical team who are able to create complete designs for any industry. You present us with your idea and we will advise as to how is the best way to achieve your goal. The main aim of our design services team is to successfully translate a specific customer requirement, into an actual design which is fully operational and installed by our team of trained engineers. Our technical team are also able to troubleshoot technical problems with customer equipment and find an engineering solution for a specific need.

Our engineering team are also available for our on site technical call out service. This service offers the customer our technical expertise with system fault finding where we can assess and isolate parts of the system in order to identify any problem areas. Our engineers are available for call outs from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. For any requirements outside of these shown, please phone for an appointment.

Our recent achievements have included the Armtrac 400 mine clearing machine which is now being sold worldwide and the hydraulic system is proving to be un-breakable and in such a hostile environment is quite an achievement

Design Services from Hydrastar Limited Design Services from Hydrastar