Hydraulic Cylinders

Our standard hydraulic cylinder/hydraulic ram range offers the best value and rapid delivery of finished standard rams. Manufactured from standard cylinder components, this range is ideal for agricultural, mobile & volume OEM requirements.

This is just a small range of what we can offer; please see the attached data sheet showing all of the sizes available.

In addition we are able to quote for special rams made to your specifications.

These cylinders can be made into single acting by fitting a breather in one of the ports

Maximum Working Pressure of 200 Bar
Temperature Range -25°C to +80°C

2-3 Days Delivery

Description Bore Size Rod Size Stroke Thread Size Price (exc VAT)
Image for CYL0160100 CYL0160100
Hydraulic Cylinder
25mm16mm100mm1/4 BSP £68.00
Image for CYL0160200 CYL0160200
Hydraulic Cylinder
25mm16mm200mm1/4 BSP £78.40
Image for CYL0200100 CYL0200100
Hydraulic Cylinder
32mm20mm100mm1/4 BSP £76.00
Image for CYL0200200 CYL0200200
Hydraulic Cylinder
32mm20mm200mm1/4 BSP £84.00
Image for CYL0200300 CYL0200300
Hydraulic Cylinder
32mm20mm300mm1/4 BSP £89.60
Image for CYL0200500 CYL0200500
Hydraulic Cylinder
32mm20mm500mm1/4 BSP £100.80
Image for CYL1250200 CYL1250200
Hydraulic Cylinder
40mm25mm200mm3/8 BSP £89.60
Image for CYL1250300 CYL1250300
Hydraulic Cylinder
40mm25mm300mm3/8 BSP £96.00
Image for CYL1250500 CYL1250500
Hydraulic Cylinder
40mm25mm500mm3/8 BSP £107.20
Image for CYL1250800 CYL1250800
Hydraulic Cylinder
40mm25mm800mm3/8 BSP £129.60
Image for CYL2300200 CYL2300200
Hydraulic Cylinder
50mm30mm200mm3/8 BSP £107.20
Image for CYL2300300 CYL2300300
Hydraulic Cylinder
50mm30mm300mm3/8 BSP £116.00
Image for CYL2300500 CYL2300500
Hydraulic Cylinder
50mm30mm500mm3/8 BSP £134.40
Image for CYL2300800 CYL2300800
Hydraulic Cylinder
50mm30mm800mm3/8 BSP £160.80
Image for CYL3350200 CYL3350200
Hydraulic Cylinder
60mm35mm200mm3/8 BSP £129.60
Image for CYL3350300 CYL3350300
Hydraulic Cylinder
60mm35mm300mm3/8 BSP £138.40
Image for CYL3350500 CYL3350500
Hydraulic Cylinder
60mm35mm500mm3/8 BSP £156.80
Image for CYL3350800 CYL3350800
Hydraulic Cylinder
60mm35mm800mm3/8 BSP £188.00