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Standpipe Adaptors

We offer a comprehensive range of EMB DIN 2353 hydraulic compression fittings in Light ‘L’ or Heavy ‘S’ series for connecting to steel tubes or directly to hydraulic hose assemblies.

Steel Adaptors with NanoProtect™ Surface Protection

This innovative surface protection with its silver-grey appearance is the result of intensive research & development by EMB

has triple layer of protection to give the highest corrosion resistance against white & red rust.
1st Layer = Zinc (Zn)
2nd Layer = Cr(VI) free passivation
3rd Layer = EMB Sealing

Description DIN Size Thread Size Price (exc VAT)
Image for 01341600 VA-6L
Standpipe Adaptor
L61/8 BSP £3.55
Image for 01341700 VA-8L
Standpipe Adaptor
L81/4 BSP £3.55
Image for 01341800 VA-10L
Standpipe Adaptor
L101/4 BSP £4.18
Image for 01341900 VA-12L
Standpipe Adaptor
L123/8 BSP £4.79
Image for 01341990 VA-15L 3/8
Standpipe Adaptor
L153/8 BSP £7.52
Image for 01342000 VA-15L
Standpipe Adaptor
L151/2 BSP £5.73
Image for 01342010 VA-18L 1/2
Standpipe Adaptor
L181/2 BSP £7.85
Image for 01342015 VA-18L 3/4
Standpipe Adaptor
L183/4 BSP £12.33
Image for 01342020 VA-22L 3/4
Standpipe Adaptor
L223/4 BSP £9.13
Image for 01343100 VA-16S
Standpipe Adaptor
S161/2 BSP £7.04
Image for 01343200 VA-20S
Standpipe Adaptor
S203/4 BSP £10.55
Image for 01343300 VA-25S
Standpipe Adaptor
S251" BSP £16.27