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LifeGuard Sleeving

Gates LifeGuard lets you safely protect nearby machine operators and personnel from catastrophic hydraulic hose failure using a revolutionary sleeve system developed by Gates design engineers.

A LifeGuard™ 4000-sleeved hose will hold back 8,000 psi bursts and 4,000 psi pinhole leaks at 100°C for up to five minutes on -4 to -16 hose sizes. It does this by redirecting the explosive force of a high-pressure burst down the length of the specially-designed, triple-layer sleeve; dispersing the energy and fluids at the hose ends via carefully designed ‘channel’ clamps. The leaked fluid from the clamps lets you spot the failure more easily.

Three layers of super-strong nylon. Black. MSHA approved.


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LifeGuard Sleeving
-06M3K, M4K, CM2T £19.54
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LifeGuard Sleeving
-08M3K, M4K, CM2T £21.56