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BSP Ported Hydraulic Pumps

Hydrastar Presents a new series of hydraulic gear pumps called XV-P. The quality of the product has been proved by exploiting new and innovative solutions, both technical and constructive.

Our current range consists of groups 1, 2 & 3 with displacements ranging from 0.9 to 90cc

The standard range of hydraulic pumps come with a European 4 bolt flange, 1:8 tapered shaft, clockwise rotation and BSP or flanged ports.

Many more variations are available for the mounting flanges & shaft types, Please enquire with your specific needs.

Pump Body = Extruded alloy, Heat treated and anodised
Flange & Cover = Die-cast aluminium alloy, Heat treated and anodised
Gear Busch Bearings = Special heat treted alloy, Self-lubricating DU Bushes
Seals = Standard Acrylonitrile
Back-up Rings = PTFE

Description Group Displacement Inlet Outlet Max Pressure Price (exc VAT)
Image for 06001694 X1P1802FBBA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP11.7cc3/8 BSPP3/8 BSPP250bar £128.00
Image for 06001695 X1P2002FBBA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP12.2cc3/8 BSPP3/8 BSPP250bar £128.00
Image for 06001696 X1P2102FBBA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP12.6cc3/8 BSPP3/8 BSPP250bar £128.00
Image for 06001697 X1P2302FBBA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP13.2cc3/8 BSPP3/8 BSPP250bar £128.00
Image for 06001698 X1P2502FBBA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP13.8cc3/8 BSPP3/8 BSPP250bar £128.00
Image for 06001699 X1P2702FBBA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP14.3cc3/8 BSPP3/8 BSPP250bar £128.00
Image for 06001701 X1P2902FBBA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP14.9cc3/8 BSPP3/8 BSPP250bar £136.00
Image for 06001702 X1P3102FBBA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP15.9cc3/8 BSPP3/8 BSPP250bar £136.00
Image for 06001712 X2P4302EBBA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP26cc1/2 BSPP1/2 BSPP260bar £160.00
Image for 06001713 X2P4502EBBA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP29cc1/2 BSPP1/2 BSPP260bar £160.00
Image for 06001714 X2P4702EBBA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP211cc1/2 BSPP1/2 BSPP260bar £160.00
Image for 06001715 X2P4902ECBA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP214cc3/4 BSPP1/2 BSPP250bar £168.00
Image for 06001716 X2P5102ECBA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP217cc3/4 BSPP1/2 BSPP230bar £168.00
Image for 06001717 X2P5302ECBA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP219cc3/4 BSPP1/2 BSPP210bar £176.00
Image for 06001718 X2P5502ECBA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP222cc3/4 BSPP1/2 BSPP200bar £176.00
Image for 06001728 X3P7002ADDA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP321cc3/4 BSPP3/4 BSPP280bar £372.00
Image for 06001729 X3P7202AEEA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP327cc1" BSPP1" BSPP250bar £372.00
Image for 06001730 X3P7402AEEA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP332cc1" BSPP1" BSPP250bar £372.00
Image for 06001731 X3P7802AEEA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP338cc1" BSPP1" BSPP250bar £384.00
Image for 06001732 X3P7902AEEA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP343cc1" BSPP1" BSPP250bar £384.00
Image for 06001733 X3P8002AEEA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP347cc1" BSPP1" BSPP230bar £384.00
Image for 06001734 X3P8102AEEA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP351cc1" BSPP1" BSPP230bar £400.00
Image for 06001735 X3P8202AEEA
Hydraulic Gear Pump
GP354cc1" BSPP1" BSPP230bar £400.00