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MPF Return Filter Assemblies

MP Filtri MPF series filters are designed for return lines, and are installed semi-immersed in a reservoir. Continued research & development on both the filter bodies and the filter elements has resulted in a product line with excellent pressure drop characteristices comblined with a high filtration effciency. The high flow rate bypass valves are a standard feature with this range of product.

MPF series filters are specifically designed for use in mobile applications, agricultural machinery and power units.

Description Thread Size Filtration Flow Rate Price (exc VAT)
Image for 06002225 MPF030-1-AG1-P10NBV1
Return Line Filter Assembly
1/2 BSP10 Micron33 L/min £44.42
Image for 06002228 MPF100-1-AG1-P10NBV1
Return Line Filter Assembly
1/2 BSP10 Micron55 L/min £53.36
Image for 06002231 MPF100-2-AG2-P10NBV1
Return Line Filter Assembly
3/4 BSP10 Micron100 L/min £56.97
Image for 06002234 MPF100-3-AG3-P10NBV1
Return Line Filter Assembly
1" BSP10 Micron125 L/min £66.13
Image for 06002237 MPF180-1-AG1-P10NBV1
Return Line Filter Assembly
1 1/4 BSP10 Micron190 L/min £100.73
Image for 06002240 MPF180-2-AG1-P10NBV1
Return Line Filter Assembly
1 1/4 BSP10 Micron345 L/min £167.78