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CT Turbine Flow Meters for HPM Series

The Webtec CT60, CT150, CT300, CT600 & CT300R Turbine flow meters are High-accuracy hydraulic turbine flow meters with Sensor Recognition (SR) & Intelligent Digital (ID or CAN) output, for use with the HPM Series readouts and dataloggers.

  • Flows up to 600 lpm (160 US gpm)
  • Pressure up to 420 bar (6000 psi)
  • Temperature up to 90°C (194°F)
  • 3 top ports as standard for temperature / pressure
  • Bi-directional
  • For use with oils, fuels, phosphate-esters
  • CT300R comes with built-in loading valve

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Description Sensor Type Thread Size Flow Range Max Pressure Loading Valve Price (exc VAT)
Image for FT9501-24 CT60-CAN-B-B-6
CT Turbine Flow Meter
'CAN'3/4 BSP3-60 lpm420 BarNo £931.00
Image for FT9502-24 CT150-CAN-B-B-6
CT Turbine Flow Meter
'CAN'3/4 BSP5-150 lpm420 BarNo £931.00
Image for FT9503-24 CT300-CAN-B-B-6
CT Turbine Flow Meter
'CAN'1" BSP8-300 lpm420 BarNo £950.25
Image for FT9507-24 CT300R-CAN-B-B-6
CTR Turbine Flow Meter
'CAN'1" BSP8-300 lpm420 BarYes £1466.50
Image for FT9718-24 CT600-CAN-B-B-5
CT Turbine Flow Meter
'CAN'1 1/4 BSP15-600 lpm350 BarNo £1035.13
Image for FT9510-24 CT750R-CAN-S-B-7
CTR Turbine Flow Meter
'CAN'1 7/8 SAE20-750 lpm480 BarYes £2030.00
Image for FT10791-6 FT10791-6
Safety Burst Discs (Pair)
---420 Bar- £16.63
Image for FT10792-7 FT10792-7
Safety Burst Discs (Pair)
---420 Bar- £16.63