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FDC60 Flow Divider Combiner

The Webtec FDC60 is a 3-port pressure compensated flow divider-combiner, ideal for driving two cylinders in close unison regardless of individual loads or flow direction.

A Flow Divider-Combiner will divide a single flow into two separate flows which will always be in the same ratio to each other regardless of any pressure differential between the two lines. If the flow is reversed (e.g. return stroke of two cylinders) the return flows are held in the same ratio to each other and combined into a single flow, regardless of individual loads on the cylinders.

A common application is to keep two cylinders (or motors) in close unison when loads on them are unequal. The valves may also be used in series to operate more than two circuits.

  • Working pressures up to 310 bar (4500 psi)
  • Maximum flow 70 lpm (18.5 US gpm)
  • BSP, NPT, Metric and SAE ports available
  • Steel components in cast iron body
  • Proportional splits from 50/50 to 10/90
  • Mounting: 3 bolt

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Description Thread Size Flow Range Price (exc VAT)
Image for 06000212 FDC60-10-3-50/50
Flow Divider Combiner
3/8 BSP5-10 lpm £179.51
Image for 06000213 FDC60-20-3-50/50
Flow Divider Combiner
3/8 BSP8-20 lpm £179.51
Image for 06000214 FDC60-30-3-50/50
Flow Divider Combiner
3/8 BSP16-30 lpm £179.51
Image for 06000208 FDC60-40-3-50/50
Flow Divider Combiner
3/8 BSP25-40 lpm £179.51
Image for TW2458-27 FDC60-50-5-50/50
Flow Divider Combiner
1/2 BSP35-50 lpm £179.51
Image for TW2458-17 FDC60-60-5-50/50
Flow Divider Combiner
1/2 BSP45-60 lpm £179.51
Image for TW2458-9 FDC60-70-5-50/50
Flow Divider Combiner
1/2 BSP55-70 lpm £179.51