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WP Series Motors (155)

The WP hydraulic motor series is an economical alternative to more complex Geroler designs that still provides high efficiency across a wide performance range. These motors are intended for medium-duty applications requiring high torque in a compact package and are suitable for industrial and mobile applications including car wash brushes, food processing equipment, conveyors, machine tools, agricultural equipment, sweepers, skid steer attachments, and more.

If the configuration you need is not listed, please contact us with your requirements.

Description Thread Size Displacement Mounting Shaft Size Price (exc VAT)
Image for 06001648 155-050-A63-12-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP50cc2 Bolt SAE A25mm £157.76
Image for 06001650 155-080-A63-12-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP80cc2 Bolt SAE A25mm £159.78
Image for 06001652 155-100-A63-12-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP100cc2 Bolt SAE A25mm £160.80
Image for 06001654 155-160-A63-12-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP160cc2 Bolt SAE A25mm £164.07
Image for 06001656 155-200-A63-12-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP200cc2 Bolt SAE A25mm £168.91
Image for 06001657 155-250-A63-12-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP250cc2 Bolt SAE A25mm £172.46
Image for 06001658 155-315-A63-12-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP315cc2 Bolt SAE A25mm £183.62
Image for 06001659 155-400-A63-12-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP400cc2 Bolt SAE A25mm £196.89