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RE Series Motors (505)

The RE series hydraulic motors offer the perfect compromise between price and performance by prducing work horse power at a reasonable cost. Although these motors perfrom well in a wide range of applications, they are especially suited for low flow, high pressure applications. During startup, pressure casuses the balance plate to flex toward the rotor, vastly improving volumetric efficiency. As the motor reaches operating pressure, the balance plate relaxes, allowing the rotor to turn freely which translates into higher mechanical efficiencies. Transmitting this power to the output shaft is the most durable drive link in it class. Four bearing options, combinded with standard mounting flanges and outplut shaft, allow the motor to be configured to suit nearly any application.

If the configuration you need is not listed, please contact us with your requirements.

Description Thread Size Displacement Mounting Shaft Size Price (exc VAT)
Image for 06001671 505-160-A58-21-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP160cc6 Bolt SAE32mm £405.37
Image for 06001672 505-200-A58-21-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP200cc6 Bolt SAE32mm £409.25
Image for 06001673 505-260-A58-21-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP260cc6 Bolt SAE32mm £415.68
Image for 06001674 505-300-A58-21-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP300cc6 Bolt SAE32mm £418.27
Image for 06001675 505-350-A58-21-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP350cc6 Bolt SAE32mm £431.16
Image for 06001676 505-375-A58-21-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP375cc6 Bolt SAE32mm £469.82
Image for 06001677 505-470-A58-21-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP470cc6 Bolt SAE32mm £500.77
Image for 06001678 505-540-A58-21-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP540cc6 Bolt SAE32mm £503.34
Image for 06001679 505-750-A58-21-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP750cc6 Bolt SAE32mm £536.86