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WR Series Motors (255)

The WR series hydraulic motors incoprates the latest advances for smooth performance, efficiency and durability. It features an optimized Roller Stator geometry with seven precision rollers to elimate sliding friction and provide rolling contact between the roter and stator. This increases motor efficiency. A thress-zone spool valve, integral check and a provision for a case drain reduce pressure on internal seals to improve life. A wide variety of mounting shaft, motor displacement and porting options are available to meet all application needs.

If the configuration you need is not listed, please contact us with your requirements.

Description Thread Size Displacement Mounting Shaft Size Price (exc VAT)
Image for 06001660 255-060-A63-12-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP60cc2 Bolt SAE A25mm £186.68
Image for 06001661 255-070-A63-12-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP70cc2 Bolt SAE A25mm £186.68
Image for 06001662 255-090-A63-12-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP90cc2 Bolt SAE A25mm £188.44
Image for 06001663 255-100-A63-12-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP100cc2 Bolt SAE A25mm £188.44
Image for 06001664 255-115-A63-12-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP115cc2 Bolt SAE A25mm £188.44
Image for 06001665 255-130-A63-12-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP130cc2 Bolt SAE A25mm £191.98
Image for 06001666 255-160-A63-12-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP160cc2 Bolt SAE A25mm £195.50
Image for 06001667 255-200-A63-12-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP200cc2 Bolt SAE A25mm £204.33
Image for 06001668 255-240-A63-12-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP240cc2 Bolt SAE A25mm £213.16
Image for 06001669 255-320-A63-12-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP320cc2 Bolt SAE A25mm £231.88
Image for 06001670 255-400-A63-12-BAAAA
White Hydraulic Motor
1/2 BSP400cc2 Bolt SAE A25mm £246.72